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the end is the beginning is the end

Most of you probably saw it coming but starting today, Raep Time is officially closed.

Some of us got caught up in RL, some have moved on and as a group we are very obviously not serving the purpose that brought us together in the first place, which was to bring you scanlations fast; staying in limbo like this is unfair and misleading to both Oofuri fans and potential scanlators out there.

We can't thank you enough for your support over the last almost-two years. It was a great adventure for all of us and I'm sorry we couldn't make it last any longer.

To anyone who's willing to continue scanlating Oofuri - I still have a rough, unproofed script for chapter 20; if you think you could use it, please contact me and I'll give it to you.

God, this is getting chaotic. But I guess it's really over now? Once again, thank you and goodbye. ♥

/turns off the lights and closes the door
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[PUBLIC UPDATE] release: ch. 01

...Whoa, it's been a while. Sorry about that, we took some time off while waiting for volume 11 to come out BUT we've also been working on scanlating chapters 1 to 5. For now, chapter 1 is available in the releases post. Sorry about the lack of a SaveFile mirror, I'll add one as soon as it becomes more cooperative. =__=

Enjoy today's release!

[EDIT] OH ALSO, a reminder: we're always looking for more translators and experienced editors so if you feel like helping out, don't hesitate to contact us~
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[PUBLIC UPDATE] Release: ch. 18f

Chapter 18f is done and available in the releases archive. That concludes volume 10 of Oofuri and the ridiculously long chapter 18, we'll be working on chapters 1-5 next~

Oh also, a slight mistake in editing has been spotted and corrected in chapter 18e, we've replaced the download links in case you want to redownload it.



    Volume 1
   Chapter 1: [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Released: 11/02/08 Size:28MB

    Volume 2
   Chapter 6 + omake: [SS] [TU] [MF] [SF] [MU]
   Released: 08/07/07 Size:14MB

    Volume 3
   Chapter 7 + omake: [SS] [TU] [MF] [SF] [MU]
   Released: 08/07/07 Size:10MB

   Chapter 8: [SS] [TU] [MF] [SF] [MU]
   Released: 08/14/07 Size:14MB

   Chapter 9: [SS] [TU] [MF] [SF] [MU]
   Released: 08/18/07 Size:9.8MB

   Side Story + omake: [SS] [MF] [SF] [MU]
   Released: 09/02/07 Size:15MB

    Volume 4
   Chapter 10: [SS] [MF] [SF] [MU]
   Released: 09/08/07 Size:15MB

   Chapter 11(a): [SS] [MF] [SF] [MU]
   Released: 09/08/07 Size:10MB

   Chapter 11(b): [SS] [MF] [SF] [MU]
   Released: 09/16/07 Size:12MB

   Chapter 11(c) + omake: [SS] [MF] [TU] [SF] [MU]
   Released: 09/23/07 Size:14MB

    Volume 5
   Chapter 12(a): [SS] [MF] [TU] [SF] [MU]
   Released: 10/02/07 Size:14MB

   Chapter 12(b): [SS] [MF] [TU] [SF] [MU]
   Released: 10/08/07 Size:17MB

   Chapter 12(c) + omake: [SS] [MF] [TU] [SF] [MU]
   Released: 10/17/07 Size:16MB

    Volume 6
   Chapter 13(a): [SS] [TU] [MF] [SF] [MU]
   Released: 10/25/07 Size:13MB

   Chapter 13(b): [SS] [TU] [SF] [MF] [MU]
   Released: 11/02/07 Size:13MB

   Chapter 13(c): [SS] [MF] [SF] [MU]
   Released: 11/16/07 Size:13MB

   Chapter 13(d): [SS] [MF] [SF] [MU]
   Released: 11/22/07 Size:14MB

    Volume 7
   Chapter 14(a): [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Released: 12/13/07 Size:17MB

   Chapter 14(b): [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Released: 01/04/08 Size:15MB

   Chapter 14(c) + omake: [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Released: 01/20/08 Size:17MB

    Volume 8
   Chapter 15(a): [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Released: 01/31/08 Size:17MB

   Chapter 15(b): [SS] [SF] [MF] [ZS] [RS]
   Released: 02/10/08 Size:21MB

   Chapter 16: [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Released: 03/26/08 Size:13MB
   OMAKE: [MF]

    Volume 9
   Chapter 17(a): [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Released: 04/05/08 Size:14MB

   Chapter 17(b): [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Released: 04/29/08 Size:9.5MB

   Chapter 18(a): [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Released: 05/24/08 Size:10MB

   Chapter 18(b): [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Released: 06/04/08 Size:13MB

    Volume 10
   Chapter 18(c): [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Released: 07/01/08 Size:14MB

   Chapter 18(d): [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Released: 07/22/08 Size:16MB

   Chapter 18(e): [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Release: 08/15/08 Size:17MB
   Version 2: 08/20/2008 Removed Faux Bold in some pages.

   Chapter 18(f): [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Released: 08/27/08 Size:17MB

    Volume 11
   Chapter 19: [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Released: 02/21/09 Size:16.5MB

Please let us know if any mirror is down and enjoy~ ♥
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[PUBLIC UPDATE] ch. 18b + fixed 18a

Oh wow, we actually managed to get this one out in less than a month. orz

ANYWAY! You can now get chapter 18b from the releases post along with a fixed version of 18a. A silly mistake sneaked up on us in that one, if you already have that chapter you can just replace page 113 with this one.

With today's release, volume 9 of Oofuri has been wrapped up. While we're waiting for decent scans of volume 10 to surface, we'll be slowly working on chapters 1 to 5, the ones we skipped at the beginning of our activity. That's all the news for today, I think?