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15 June 2009 @ 10:47 pm
Most of you probably saw it coming but starting today, Raep Time is officially closed.

Some of us got caught up in RL, some have moved on and as a group we are very obviously not serving the purpose that brought us together in the first place, which was to bring you scanlations fast; staying in limbo like this is unfair and misleading to both Oofuri fans and potential scanlators out there.

We can't thank you enough for your support over the last almost-two years. It was a great adventure for all of us and I'm sorry we couldn't make it last any longer.

To anyone who's willing to continue scanlating Oofuri - I still have a rough, unproofed script for chapter 20; if you think you could use it, please contact me and I'll give it to you.

God, this is getting chaotic. But I guess it's really over now? Once again, thank you and goodbye. ♥

/turns off the lights and closes the door
21 February 2009 @ 08:15 pm
.........WE'RE SORRY.

Um, after various complications on our part, we bring you chapter 19, marking the beginning of volume 11 which hopefully will take less than a year to scanlate. Find it here and enjoy!
02 November 2008 @ 08:54 pm
...Whoa, it's been a while. Sorry about that, we took some time off while waiting for volume 11 to come out BUT we've also been working on scanlating chapters 1 to 5. For now, chapter 1 is available in the releases post. Sorry about the lack of a SaveFile mirror, I'll add one as soon as it becomes more cooperative. =__=

Enjoy today's release!

[EDIT] OH ALSO, a reminder: we're always looking for more translators and experienced editors so if you feel like helping out, don't hesitate to contact us~
27 August 2008 @ 07:31 pm
Chapter 18f is done and available in the releases archive. That concludes volume 10 of Oofuri and the ridiculously long chapter 18, we'll be working on chapters 1-5 next~

Oh also, a slight mistake in editing has been spotted and corrected in chapter 18e, we've replaced the download links in case you want to redownload it.
15 August 2008 @ 12:09 am
It's out! Get it in the release post here, as usual! Enjoy~
01 January 2000 @ 02:51 pm

    Volume 1
   Chapter 1: [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Released: 11/02/08 Size:28MB

    Volume 2
   Chapter 6 + omake: [SS] [TU] [MF] [SF] [MU]
   Released: 08/07/07 Size:14MB

    Volume 3
   Chapter 7 + omake: [SS] [TU] [MF] [SF] [MU]
   Released: 08/07/07 Size:10MB

   Chapter 8: [SS] [TU] [MF] [SF] [MU]
   Released: 08/14/07 Size:14MB

   Chapter 9: [SS] [TU] [MF] [SF] [MU]
   Released: 08/18/07 Size:9.8MB

   Side Story + omake: [SS] [MF] [SF] [MU]
   Released: 09/02/07 Size:15MB

    Volume 4
   Chapter 10: [SS] [MF] [SF] [MU]
   Released: 09/08/07 Size:15MB

   Chapter 11(a): [SS] [MF] [SF] [MU]
   Released: 09/08/07 Size:10MB

   Chapter 11(b): [SS] [MF] [SF] [MU]
   Released: 09/16/07 Size:12MB

   Chapter 11(c) + omake: [SS] [MF] [TU] [SF] [MU]
   Released: 09/23/07 Size:14MB

    Volume 5
   Chapter 12(a): [SS] [MF] [TU] [SF] [MU]
   Released: 10/02/07 Size:14MB

   Chapter 12(b): [SS] [MF] [TU] [SF] [MU]
   Released: 10/08/07 Size:17MB

   Chapter 12(c) + omake: [SS] [MF] [TU] [SF] [MU]
   Released: 10/17/07 Size:16MB

    Volume 6
   Chapter 13(a): [SS] [TU] [MF] [SF] [MU]
   Released: 10/25/07 Size:13MB

   Chapter 13(b): [SS] [TU] [SF] [MF] [MU]
   Released: 11/02/07 Size:13MB

   Chapter 13(c): [SS] [MF] [SF] [MU]
   Released: 11/16/07 Size:13MB

   Chapter 13(d): [SS] [MF] [SF] [MU]
   Released: 11/22/07 Size:14MB

    Volume 7
   Chapter 14(a): [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Released: 12/13/07 Size:17MB

   Chapter 14(b): [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Released: 01/04/08 Size:15MB

   Chapter 14(c) + omake: [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Released: 01/20/08 Size:17MB

    Volume 8
   Chapter 15(a): [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Released: 01/31/08 Size:17MB

   Chapter 15(b): [SS] [SF] [MF] [ZS] [RS]
   Released: 02/10/08 Size:21MB

   Chapter 16: [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Released: 03/26/08 Size:13MB
   OMAKE: [MF]

    Volume 9
   Chapter 17(a): [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Released: 04/05/08 Size:14MB

   Chapter 17(b): [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Released: 04/29/08 Size:9.5MB

   Chapter 18(a): [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Released: 05/24/08 Size:10MB

   Chapter 18(b): [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Released: 06/04/08 Size:13MB

    Volume 10
   Chapter 18(c): [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Released: 07/01/08 Size:14MB

   Chapter 18(d): [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Released: 07/22/08 Size:16MB

   Chapter 18(e): [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Release: 08/15/08 Size:17MB
   Version 2: 08/20/2008 Removed Faux Bold in some pages.

   Chapter 18(f): [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Released: 08/27/08 Size:17MB

    Volume 11
   Chapter 19: [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Released: 02/21/09 Size:16.5MB

Please let us know if any mirror is down and enjoy~ ♥
22 July 2008 @ 08:08 pm
Aaand it's out! That's part two out of four in volume 10~

    Volume 10
   Chapter 18(c): [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Released: 07/01/08 Size:14MB

   Chapter 18(d): [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Released: 07/22/08 Size:16MB

01 July 2008 @ 10:15 pm

    Volume 10
   Chapter 18(c): [SS] [MF] [SF]
   Released: 07/01/08 Size:14MB
04 June 2008 @ 02:24 pm
Oh wow, we actually managed to get this one out in less than a month. orz

ANYWAY! You can now get chapter 18b from the releases post along with a fixed version of 18a. A silly mistake sneaked up on us in that one, if you already have that chapter you can just replace page 113 with this one.

With today's release, volume 9 of Oofuri has been wrapped up. While we're waiting for decent scans of volume 10 to surface, we'll be slowly working on chapters 1 to 5, the ones we skipped at the beginning of our activity. That's all the news for today, I think?
24 May 2008 @ 08:11 pm
Heyheyyyyy, hope you haven't forgotten us yet. u__u; Anyway, chapter 18a is out, get your fix here and enjoy!