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it'll be fun

Raep Time [it'll be fun]
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Raep Time is officially CLOSED
Thank you for all your love and support, but we are no longer active.

What time is it?

Welcome to raep_time!
We're a fairly new scanlating group for the gay baseball manga (also turn anime) Ookiku Furikabutte. We prioritise SPEED over scan quality although our scans are already MQ and nearing HQ anyway. We are still currently RECRUITING and everyone is welcome, especially japanese -> English translators. Experience is not required although it would be nice, mind you hardly any of us knew what we were going to do when we first started off ;D
We hope you enjoy our releases. We try our hardest to get them out ASAP!

"...a brand new Oofuri capslock speedscan community with a GIANT recruitment post and 4channers who had registered only so that they could help with the project and ftw internets."
-- keycchou

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